We offer a range of services covering areas such as SAP professional services, technology services and outsourcing.


Enigim offers ECC, S/4 HANA, C4 HANA, Analytics, Mobility, Cloud and HANA services. Enigim provides support for end to end Implementation, Rollout, Re-engineering, Migration & Upgrade projects, SAP Quality Review and flexible Application & Product support be it on/off shore mode.

SAP Consulting

Enigim offers SAP consulting services in line with client needs covering Implementation, Performance optimization, Upgrade, and Rollout projects.

SAP Quality Check / Review

Enigim SAP Quality Review is designed to help our customers to identify potential issues and gaps, areas of improvement to leverage on investment in SAP.

SAP Application Management

Enigim offers customized SAP support services in line with client needs on off shore / on shore basis.


Enigim offers Technology Services be it Application Development, Cloud services, Analytics or Mobility. Applications are architected by our experts to satisfy the customer and provide a responsive, rich and context-aware personalized experience that is relevant for users.

Application Development & System Integration

Cloud Services

Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence


Data Management

Data management is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information lifecycle needs. Data management minimizes the risks and costs of regulatory non-compliance, legal complications, and security breaches. It also provides access to accurate data when and where it is needed, without ambiguity or conflict, thereby avoiding miscommunication. Our Data management services empower companies by providing reliable business-critical data about customers, products, suppliers and locations and Organizations will be able to address their unique data management challenges.

Big Data

Cloud Services

Data Integration

Data Quality

Data Security

Master Data Management


Enigim offers Staffing, Recruitment and Outsourcing Services in IT and Non-IT domain to our clients across the globe to help them optimize use of Human Resources. Areas of focus concerning Staff Augmentation:

  1. Talent Acquisition Planning & Stratergy
  2. Workforce Segmentation
  3. Employment Branding
  4. Candidate Audiences
  5. Candidate Relationship Management
  6. Metrics & Analytics
  7. Setting up offshore support centres

SAP Corporate Trainning

Advancement of technologies makes the environment more challenging which also encourages competition in the industry. To meet the challenges in the industry, individual and companies both need to get updated timely. To understand the advancement of technology companies and its employees need to adapt corporate training services.

Training program offers knowledge of technology and SAP concerns which helps to upgrade the skills of employees. Corporate training of SAP provides knowledge related to strategy management, business intelligence, enterprise performance management, business planning & consolidation, strategy enterprise management, business consolidation and much more.

Services offered

The globalization of business activities has increased the demand for worldwide access to expert knowledge. Heightened competition is driving shorter product life cycles, and the workforce is becoming increasingly mobile and decentralized. To ensure that your company succeeds in this environment, your organization must provide up-gradation opportunities for your employees on the go. And these opportunities must be relevant to the job and available on demand.

1. SAP Project Based / Customized Assignments

Keeping the new developments in SAP Technology in mind and how it is beneficial to organizations, we provide various SAP consulting assignments for your SAP team members to manage the future developments or manage the system in much better way.

2. Corporate Nominations

If you are a core team member in SAP implementation project with your company and have not gone through the process of SAP certification, your company can nominate and sponsor you for the SAP certification at our SAP academy.

SAP certification has various advantages giving an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter which can be applied on the job. SAP certification is globally recognized and provides one of the highest paid jobs across the world. The certification also provides privilege to access the SAP knowledge portal, free of cost for a lifetime allowing you to stay up-to-date with the progress in the SAP technology.

We provide expert corporate training services in technologies like SAP, S4HANA, , C4 HANA, ABAP, C4C, IOT, Robotics, ML, Data science etc.